Dating native american jewelry

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Dating native american jewelry

Native Americans use stones like turquoise, spiny oyster shell, lapis, coral and black jet to make their jewelry; primarily necklaces, bracelets and rings.

The influence of the Spanish can clearly be seen by the use of the pomegranate blossom, sometimes known as the squash blossom necklace, which was inspired by the Moorish crescent.It was the Navajo tribe that was primarily responsible for teaching other southwestern tribes how to make rings, necklaces, belt buckles, and bracelets with a style that is now synonymous with Native American jewelry.They learned about jewelry making when they came into contact with the Spanish around the 16th century.Since the earliest of times Native American Indians have produced some of the most dazzling jewelry that is so much admired all over the world.Rings in particular have contributed to the Native American Jewelry mystique by more than just the beauty and excellent workmanship that they are famous for, but also to communicate a fashion statement that is full of meaning and symbolism.

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The leather has with the belt for many years and remains quite supple (it might be the original leather).$5500.(mc2062a)circa: 1950-1960 2" long.

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