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At times like this, I wish an inactive uterus did alleviate the pain that one feels over the murder of children. The dating game, however, is so counter-intuitive that it’s absurd. Their ability to weave a basket underwater in record time, and then not brag about it? It’s worth it to contact someone you’re interested in, and then work hard for their affections. I texted a girl I met the other night (after waiting three days, of course), “Hey there, what’s up?

We worry about our nieces, nephews, friends' children. It's bad enough that unmarried, childless women are entirely excluded from an ongoing political conversation that obsesses over "working moms" and "working families," as if single professionals don't take a beating without a dependent or two to write off (or a mortgage if we can't afford a home because we're living off of only one income).

Often times, a girl might even want sex, but because the guy didn't plan the date well, with that possibility in mind, they both end up sexually frustrated.

What I'm advocating in this book is that you set the scene for sex to happen if that's something that both parties want.

But I can't be the only one who's grown tired of feeling invisible and unimportant, can I?

Now that I got that off my chest, I can return to the ranks of Americans feeling absolutely exhausted by the sadness and senselessness of today -- and all the other days of gun violence before it.

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