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In this episode, we discuss how the rainbow flag became a symbol of gay...In this week's episode, we talk about Trainwrecks on screen and in real life. Also, Sarah Palin bombs, Donald Trump crosses another line, Ashley Madison gets hacked, and you never have to leave your house again for Pot....Most importantly, we celebrate the SCOTUS ruling making gay marriage legal in all 50 states!! Also, we talk about the states who are still opposed to the ruling and the hypocrisy when it...Comedian ED GALVEZ joins us in the studio to talk about his latest movie, AMIGO UNDEAD, and what it's like to work with Stamie on his off-time. ) We also discuss how Chris Christie thinks a female viagra will turn...

After a wild night out with friends, Rose dutifully returns home to Natalie, her girlfriend of seven months.27 June 2010Tracy spends the weekend at her girlfriend Stamie's house and strains to keep up with Stamie's three little ones.Is she ready for the responsibility of full-time parenting?As for Whit’s marriage to Sara, it’s unclear how they’re doing since their stint on Vh1’s in 2014.While the two haven’t posted about each other on social media in a long time, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re broken up.

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Fingers crossed these two are still living the dream together!