I 9 updating and reverification

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I 9 updating and reverification

List B documents do not need to be updated or reverified, even if expired. While citizens and nationals of the United States are automatically eligible for employment, they too must present the required documents and complete an I-9.

Question: When do we need to reverify the Form I-9?If the document(s) do not reasonably appear on their face to be genuine or to relate to the person presenting them, you must not accept them. Three documents can be found in both List B and List C: the U. Citizen ID Card and the ID Card for use of Resident Citizen in the U. — acceptable as ID Cards in List B — and a Native American tribal document.Do you have to reverify an employee’s Form I-9 if his driver’s license expires? Do we have to reverify if an employee’s driver’s license or passport expires? Are there other times that we have to reverify an employee’s Form I-9?Reverification must be completed no later than the date on which the employment authorization expires.Current employees or student workers whose work authorizations are due to expire, and who are continuing employment, are required to re-verify their I-9 form before the expiration of their current work authorization.

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The Data Warehouse will generate and send to the employee or student worker an e-mail reminding them to begin the reverification process and to renew their I-9 documentation as soon as possible (view a PDF of sample employee emails).