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It was a time of magic and commerce and geekery run wild. One day, this geek gal woke up and realized she forgot to check in on Woot the night before, so she went to the site. The community of people who would run comments up into the thousands began to fade along with the deal-of-the-day focus. If you check the Woot community discussions, you'll see I'm not alone. They poured in for great festivals called Woot-Offs and chatted together to their hearts' delight. So all those crazy edges got hacked off until it did fit. I miss those days of buying Power Squids for and a 3-pound wheel of blue cheese for . I no longer check what crazy things my fellow geeks are posting in the discussions, mostly because those crazy, funny things simply aren't there anymore. the chat output when you right click on the factory which will include the RF cost and RF/tick cost. /woot loot Woot:none: Witch /woot loot Woot:none: Cow Also are you running a mod pack? It is almost as if the drops generated by looting enchant are being completely disabled and therefore Woot cannot learn them, of the drop event is never reaching my mod.However in Forge, when you listen for an event, you can actually cancel it. All the geek boys and girls (including this one) gathered there at midnight Central Time to refresh their pages and delight in the new deal of the day. It was just too eccentric to slot smoothly into a big company that thrives on being orderly.There was a Woot-Off going on, but she didn't jump into the comments section to join in. Plenty of people are complaining about the sheer masses of deals now posted on Woot.Therefore once your mod get that loot event nobody else gets to see it.

Woot is a pungent aroma that never apologizes for what it is.

I therefore never get to see that event and can never learn what loot was dropped. I'm going through the mod list just now to see if anything jumps out. One thing you could try is to restart the loot learning process.

/woot flush all Then let the looting Witch or Cow factory run for a few minutes and then run /woot loot Woot:none: Witch /woot loot Woot:none: Cow I'm searching Git Hub just now to try and find a mod that might be interfering ... Interesting that it is not even trying to sample the Looting.

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Woot and its burgeoning community of geeks who got together to buy crazy things such as screaming monkeys, Leak Frogs, and refurbished televisions, didn't fit in at Amazon, either.

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