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Gradually, their Aboriginal traditions were undermined and their natural resources plundered. They live in about 10 communities, often enduring abject poverty and human rights abuses.

These Aboriginal people are suffering the threat to their very existence in silence.

Most of Linaeus's time at Uppsala was spent collecting and studying plants, his true love.

At the time, training in botany was part of the medical curriculum, for every doctor had to prepare and prescribe drugs derived from medicinal plants.

Carl Linnaeus, also known as Carl von Linné or Carolus Linnaeus, is often called the Father of Taxonomy.

His system for naming, ranking, and classifying organisms is still in wide use today (with many changes).

For example, 51 percent say sending flirtatious messages is always cheating, 19 percent say the same about watching pornography without a partner and 16 percent say following an ex on social media is always cheating.

And on Monday, John Wood revealed that he's had to slow down on the acting front due to a deliberating autoimmune disorder.Speaking to New Idea, the 70-year-old actor revealed he was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.'I can't bend easily and I can't touch my toes very well and stuff like that, so it's a bit hazardous for a working actor to be not so agile.' Calling his arthritis more of a 'pest' than anything else, the actor said he had no plans of retiring.A year later, he transferred to the University of Uppsala, the most prestigious university in Sweden.However, its medical facilities had been neglected and had fallen into disrepair.

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His father, Nils Ingemarsson Linnaeus, was both an avid gardener and a Lutheran pastor, and Carl showed a deep love of plants and a fascination with their names from a very early age.