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Earlier this week, we sat down with former WWE champion Mike Mizanin aka The Miz of The Real World fame to briefly chat about relationships, his former reality TV life, and wrestling. The Miz: The Real World The Real World Cosmo: Will you ever go back for another Challenge season? They are wonderful together, though, so it would be sad to see WWE break them up this soon.The good news for Miz is that even if they do break them up for a bit on TV, the duo is married in real life, so they still get to enjoy each other's company, just not in the ring.

"Unfortunately we're not gonna get you up and rollin' for probably like three more weeks. Brie Learns She's Not Pregnant: Even though Brie Bella's home pregnancy tests have been saying she's not pregnant, she's two weeks late on her period, which she says "never" happens.

Maryse is also known being as a French Canadian descent and she is a wrestler as well as a successful business woman.

Maryse is the daughter of her father who is the owner of the family departmental store as well as her mother was also a beauty pageant winner during her time.

First, Maryse adopted a dog without telling her husband, who had told her previously that he didn't want more animals.

Then, Maryse told The Miz that she had purchased a house without consulting him, which made him even more upset."The market is really good right now, I know what I'm doing, you just need to trust me but it's really hard for you to trust me right now," Maryse said on the episode."Yeah," The Miz replied. Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more OMG moments from this episode of 1.

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Maryse has a degree in business administration and is a black belt in martial arts.

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