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With that in mind, he had two choices: 'Either buy a motorbike and a pair of flares, or get a therapist.' Despite having a house, a wife and half a life set up in Los Angeles – he spends the other six months of the year in his swish pad outside of Dundrum in South Down – Kielty couldn't quite bring himself to bare his soul in Beverly Hills.

It wasn't the money that turned him off the idea of therapy.

In a slightly pre-recorded show from Belfast, Patrick Kielty interviews guests introduced by his Belfast helper, Hendie.

Mixing chat, stand up jokes and music the show aims to be a comedy chat show.

"It's very plain, but it's lovely." Exchanging vows at St. " Kielty had the perfect reply to his mother-in-law. The duo became friends back in 2002, filming a BBC reality show called Fame Academy, and began dating around Christmas of last year.

Isidore's College Church in Rome in front of 60 guests, the couple's bash was "was the most beautiful, gorgeous, chic and romantic wedding I've ever been to," one source close to Deeley told Us. "My response was ' I'm having a fabulous time!

5 Bulgari Walk of Style event in Beverly Hills -- their first joint appearance since their surprise, top-secret wedding in Rome, Italy in late September.

He said it was these lesser known charities that would suffer if Kielty was disqualified from driving.Since then the 40-year-old star has gone on to see huge success in America as the host of hit show Speaking about her happy marriage to Irish comic Patrick, Cat revealed how she fell for her husband: “He was very clear this was what he wanted, and that was what got me.I have lived a life where I’ve met lots of incredible people and been to lots of places, so it takes a lot to blow my socks off.But what did it was this man who had the confidence to say what he wanted, to fly halfway around the world to get it.” Cat also spoke about their son Milo and how their busy lives mean he has his own routine.She said: “I try to keep Milo on a schedule.” The star understandably misses the UK, especially now she has her son.

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I remember seeing Michael Caine being interviewed by Michael Parkinson once.

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