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Intimidating eye contact

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when, where, and why people look at each other, particularly in the eye.

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For instance we know that: The amount and type of eye gaze imparts a great deal of information.

Some people are “more than meets the eye,” some are “the apple of your eye,” and some “a sight for sore eyes.” You may prefer “not to bat an eye” but be sure that no one can “pull the wool over your eyes.” We can accurately read emotions just from eye slits, which is why talking to people wearing dark glasses, or worse, mirrored lenses can be so problematic.

As you can see, how and when you use eye contact can be an important form of non-verbal communication. If you maintain good eye contact with someone, it displays you are confident and in control. They stand a little too close, giving you a long, purposeful gaze that can last minutes without release?

It can be used to express interest and open a channel of understanding between two people. At what point does ‘good eye contact’ cross over to just plain creepy?

It's not, however, something you have to suffer by default.

You can put an end to it starting today, and you don't need to sacrifice your pride or decorum to do it.

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Where, when, and how we look at others are all part of the phenomenon of eye gaze, one of our most important and primitive means of communication. Looking at another person is a way of getting feedback on particular points. People tend to look up at the end of utterances: This gives them feedback and hands over the conversational baton.

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